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The total global crypto market cap is currently: $2.55T

Top 300 crypto prices (sorted by market cap):

RankNamePrice (USD)Market CapExchange (*)
196celo logo Celo$ 0.70$ 371,481,097Exchange
197ankr logo Ankr Network$ 0.04$ 369,340,069Exchange
198gusd logo Gemini Dollar$ 1.00$ 431,220,163Exchange
198turbo logo Turbo$ 0.01$ 367,324,889Exchange
199zrx logo 0x Protocol$ 0.44$ 365,038,981Exchange
200comp logo Compound$ 52.57$ 357,244,908Exchange
201jto logo Jito$ 2.91$ 352,822,335Exchange
202ant logo Aragon$ 8.88$ 352,321,920Exchange
203sfp logo SafePal$ 0.77$ 352,223,757Exchange
204enj logo Enjin Coin$ 0.23$ 344,287,098Exchange
205zec logo Zcash$ 23.14$ 343,942,607Exchange
206rsr logo Reserve Rights$ 0.01$ 342,089,204Exchange
207metis logo Metis$ 60.44$ 338,655,623Exchange
208gal logo Galxe$ 2.93$ 337,247,236Exchange
209ethw logo EthereumPoW$ 3.15$ 335,788,868Exchange
210rvn logo Ravencoin$ 0.02$ 334,616,517Exchange
211amp logo Amp$ 0.01$ 329,995,218Exchange
212gmx logo GMX$ 35.25$ 329,365,374Exchange
213cwbtc logo cWBTC$ 1,351.41$ 328,106,390Exchange
214api3 logo API3$ 2.85$ 325,540,276Exchange
215sc logo Siacoin$ 0.01$ 322,537,481Exchange
216bat logo Basic Attention$ 0.22$ 322,056,652Exchange
217abt logo Arcblock$ 3.06$ 319,605,189Exchange
218trac logo OriginTrail$ 0.79$ 318,114,100Exchange
219skl logo SKALE$ 0.06$ 315,550,059Exchange
220fxs logo Frax Share$ 3.91$ 312,666,282Exchange
221qtum logo Qtum$ 3.00$ 311,922,963Exchange
222popcat logo Popcat$ 0.33$ 311,554,270Exchange
223nos logo Nosana$ 3.74$ 305,992,635Exchange
224cspr logo Casper Network$ 0.03$ 305,007,837Exchange
225elf logo aelf$ 0.44$ 304,376,945Exchange
226zeta logo ZetaChain$ 1.08$ 303,863,543Exchange
227lseth logo Liquid Staked ETH$ 3,652.68$ 303,128,842Exchange
228dash logo Dash$ 25.73$ 302,305,672Exchange
229flux logo Flux$ 0.86$ 297,436,375Exchange
230npxs logo Pundi X [OLD]$ 0.00$ 331,363,326Exchange
230mmx logo MMX$ 2.07$ 297,255,771Exchange
231ygg logo Yield Guild Games$ 0.81$ 295,386,831Exchange
232jst logo JUST$ 0.03$ 289,648,967Exchange
233mask logo Mask Network$ 3.04$ 288,795,599Exchange
234xch logo Chia$ 27.49$ 287,707,294Exchange
235dcr logo Decred$ 18.09$ 287,542,440Exchange
235boden logo Jeo Boden$ 0.37$ 290,519,697Exchange
236gf logo GuildFi$ 0.36$ 290,705,940Exchange
236nxm logo Nexus Mutual$ 71.97$ 285,284,915Exchange
237paal logo PAAL AI$ 0.42$ 311,432,554Exchange
237xem logo NEM$ 0.03$ 319,131,482Exchange
237pixel logo Pixels$ 0.38$ 284,048,437Exchange
238t logo Threshold Network$ 0.03$ 281,654,519Exchange
239pups logo PUPS (Ordinals)$ 33.16$ 280,687,378Exchange
239bpx logo Black Phoenix$ 3.35$ 277,216,243Exchange
239babydoge logo Baby Doge Coin$ 0.00$ 279,729,542Exchange
240ampl logo Ampleforth$ 1.22$ 277,980,983Exchange
241cfg logo Centrifuge$ 0.55$ 273,967,290Exchange
241kmno logo Kamino$ 0.06$ 267,376,648Exchange
242gas logo Gas$ 4.25$ 267,603,092Exchange
242ong logo Ontology Gas$ 0.60$ 278,827,744Exchange
243nmt logo NetMind Token$ 7.35$ 266,554,866Exchange
243edu logo Open Campus$ 1.11$ 297,760,810Exchange
244rlb logo Rollbit Coin$ 0.10$ 259,661,946Exchange
244waves logo Waves$ 2.43$ 258,461,061Exchange
244venom logo Venom$ 0.16$ 265,482,031Exchange
244chex logo CHEX Token$ 0.23$ 259,751,450Exchange
2440x0 logo 0x0.ai: AI Smart Contract$ 0.31$ 280,339,222Exchange
245audio logo Audius$ 0.20$ 316,223,374Exchange
245bb logo BounceBit$ 0.63$ 266,376,015Exchange
245vanry logo Vanar Chain$ 0.18$ 275,266,304Exchange
245wbeth logo Wrapped Beacon ETH$ 3,661.78$ 258,182,594Exchange
246vtho logo VeThor$ 0.00$ 251,525,710Exchange
246id logo SPACE ID$ 0.60$ 257,950,680Exchange
246omni logo Omni Network$ 25.70$ 268,969,176Exchange
246sushi logo Sushi$ 1.59$ 306,741,035Exchange
246deso logo Decentralized Social$ 22.10$ 241,917,939Exchange
247cdt logo Blox$ 0.40$ 257,794,050Exchange
247andy logo ANDY ETH$ 0.00$ 273,016,008Exchange
247trb logo Tellor Tributes$ 108.19$ 283,768,499Exchange
247wild logo Wilder World$ 0.92$ 268,830,174Exchange
247kuji logo Kujira$ 2.16$ 275,080,673Exchange
247lsk logo Lisk$ 1.76$ 277,254,879Exchange
247icx logo ICON$ 0.27$ 269,593,124Exchange
247syn logo Synapse$ 1.63$ 312,391,184Exchange
247okt logo OKT Chain$ 13.32$ 238,304,311Exchange
248rss3 logo RSS3$ 0.38$ 256,635,590Exchange
248saga logo Saga$ 2.92$ 280,648,827Exchange
248pokt logo Pocket Network$ 0.15$ 267,392,009Exchange
248ssv logo SSV Network$ 37.70$ 254,593,152Exchange
248tru logo TrueFi$ 0.22$ 261,759,634Exchange
248degen logo Degen (Base)$ 0.02$ 287,366,869Exchange
248azero logo Aleph Zero$ 0.87$ 286,337,432Exchange
248band logo Band Protocol$ 2.21$ 310,436,047Exchange
248caf logo Childrens Aid Foundation$ 0.31$ 306,419,700Exchange
249chr logo Chromia$ 0.31$ 261,315,691Exchange
249c98 logo Coin98$ 0.23$ 253,724,169Exchange
249agi logo Delysium$ 0.32$ 284,709,659Exchange
249apu logo Apu Apustaja$ 0.00$ 286,585,314Exchange
249uma logo UMA$ 3.11$ 279,569,762Exchange
249wcfg logo Wrapped Centrifuge$ 0.77$ 260,898,568Exchange
249borg logo SwissBorg$ 0.25$ 252,492,806Exchange
249glmr logo Moonbeam$ 0.28$ 270,970,500Exchange
249ntrn logo Neutron$ 1.09$ 305,173,211Exchange
249mobile logo Helium Mobile$ 0.00$ 255,781,466Exchange

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Crypto market cap

The total crypto market cap is at $2.55T. The biggest crypto currency is currently Bitcoin followed by Ethereum. The total crypto market cap in BTC is 38412467 and the total market cap in ETH is 719746110. As of today there are 14759 active cryptocurrencies in our database. We are adding new cryptos constantly to provide you the best source for crypto prices on the web. Our table of Top 100 crypto currencies is sorted by market cap.


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