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The total global crypto market cap is currently: $2.55T

Top 100 crypto currencies (by market cap)

RankNamePrice (USD)Market CapExchange (*)last 7 days
1btc logo Bitcoin$67,302$1.33TExchange
2eth logo Ethereum$3,516$420.25BExchange
3usdt logo Tether$0.9997$112.47BExchange
4bnb logo BNB$610.49$92.48BExchange
5sol logo Solana$150.76$68.85BExchange
6steth logo Lido Staked Ether$3,516$33.25BExchange
7usdc logo USDC$0.9998$32.13BExchange
8xrp logo XRP$0.4812$26.66BExchange
9doge logo Dogecoin$0.1394$19.98BExchange
10ton logo Toncoin$7.01$16.87BExchange
11ada logo Cardano$0.4250$14.93BExchange
12shib logo Shiba Inu$0.000022$12.74BExchange
13avax logo Avalanche$31.88$12.40BExchange
14wbtc logo Wrapped Bitcoin$67,303$10.31BExchange
15trx logo TRON$0.1167$10.17BExchange
16bch logo Bitcoin Cash$443.47$8.80BExchange
17link logo Chainlink$15.23$8.79BExchange
18dot logo Polkadot$6.40$8.77BExchange
19uni logo Uniswap$9.34$6.78BExchange
20near logo NEAR Protocol$6.15$6.57BExchange
21ltc logo Litecoin$77.27$5.77BExchange
22matic logo Polygon$0.6256$5.74BExchange
23leo logo LEO Token$5.92$5.49BExchange
24pepe logo Pepe$0.000013$5.38BExchange
25weeth logo Wrapped eETH$3,651$5.34BExchange
26dai logo Dai$1.00$5.28BExchange
27icp logo Internet Computer$10.30$4.70BExchange
28kas logo Kaspa$0.1633$3.90BExchange
29fet logo Fetch.ai$1.54$3.86BExchange
30etc logo Ethereum Classic$25.87$3.79BExchange
31apt logo Aptos$8.00$3.49BExchange
32ezeth logo Renzo Restaked ETH$3,504$3.48BExchange
33usde logo Ethena USDe$1.00$3.44BExchange
34stx logo Stacks$2.17$3.22BExchange
35xmr logo Monero$177.41$3.22BExchange
36rndr logo Render$8.35$3.18BExchange
37hbar logo Hedera$0.0878$3.12BExchange
38fil logo Filecoin$5.44$3.03BExchange
39atom logo Cosmos Hub$7.58$2.94BExchange
40fdusd logo First Digital USD$0.9988$2.93BExchange
41mnt logo Mantle$0.8809$2.87BExchange
41xt logo XT.com$3.08$3.11BExchange
42xlm logo Stellar$0.0980$2.81BExchange
43okb logo OKB$44.84$2.73BExchange
44arb logo Arbitrum$0.9389$2.71BExchange
45imx logo Immutable$1.84$2.71BExchange
46cro logo Cronos$0.1023$2.70BExchange
47inj logo Injective$27.75$2.62BExchange
48wif logo dogwifhat$2.61$2.54BExchange
49sui logo Sui$1.00$2.41BExchange
50grt logo The Graph$0.2463$2.31BExchange
51floki logo FLOKI$0.0002$2.30BExchange
52tao logo Bittensor$320.30$2.25BExchange
53op logo Optimism$2.08$2.23BExchange
54ar logo Arweave$33.35$2.17BExchange
55vet logo VeChain$0.0299$2.17BExchange
56mkr logo Maker$2,288$2.10BExchange
57reth logo Rocket Pool ETH$3,898$1.96BExchange
58ondo logo Ondo$1.26$1.83BExchange
59bonk logo Bonk$0.000028$1.80BExchange
60theta logo Theta Network$1.82$1.80BExchange
61ftm logo Fantom$0.6467$1.77BExchange
62jasmy logo JasmyCoin$0.0349$1.70BExchange
63meth logo Mantle Staked Ether$3,639$1.64BExchange
64rune logo THORChain$4.89$1.64BExchange
65not logo Notcoin$0.0164$1.64BExchange
66ldo logo Lido DAO$1.83$1.64BExchange
67bgb logo Bitget Token$1.16$1.61BExchange
68tia logo Celestia$8.44$1.60BExchange
69brett logo Brett$0.1578$1.53BExchange
70core logo Core$1.61$1.44BExchange
71eos logo EOS$0.6858$1.41BExchange
72wbt logo WhiteBIT Coin$9.76$1.41BExchange
73pyth logo Pyth Network$0.3855$1.39BExchange
74strk logo Starknet$1.04$1.34BExchange
75sei logo Sei$0.4560$1.34BExchange
76algo logo Algorand$0.1600$1.30BExchange
77aave logo Aave$88.14$1.30BExchange
78jup logo Jupiter$0.9356$1.25BExchange
79gala logo GALA$0.0347$1.23BExchange
80qnt logo Quant$84.24$1.23BExchange
81flr logo Flare$0.0272$1.17BExchange
82ena logo Ethena$0.7153$1.14BExchange
83flow logo Flow$0.7584$1.13BExchange
84cheel logo Cheelee$20.37$1.12BExchange
85ordi logo ORDI$51.60$1.09BExchange
86gt logo Gate$8.41$1.08BExchange
87beam logo Beam$0.0217$1.06BExchange
88rseth logo Kelp DAO Restaked ETH$3,550$1.04BExchange
89chz logo Chiliz$0.1168$1.04BExchange
90bsv logo Bitcoin SV$51.09$1.00BExchange
91axs logo Axie Infinity$6.96$999.66MExchange
92btt logo BitTorrent$0.000001$993.13MExchange
93dydx logo dYdX$1.68$992.88MExchange
94kcs logo KuCoin$10.21$968.38MExchange
95tkx logo Tokenize Xchange$12.10$965.80MExchange
96akt logo Akash Network$3.88$958.09MExchange
97w logo Wormhole$0.5194$945.41MExchange
98zbc logo Zebec Protocol$0.0181$929.42MExchange
99ron logo Ronin$2.82$916.92MExchange

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Crypto market cap

The total crypto market cap is at $2.55T. The biggest crypto currency is currently Bitcoin followed by Ethereum. The total crypto market cap in BTC is 38406845 and the total market cap in ETH is 720108285. As of today there are 14759 active cryptocurrencies in our database. We are adding new cryptos constantly to provide you the best source for crypto prices on the web. Our table of Top 100 crypto currencies is sorted by market cap.


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