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The total global crypto market cap is currently: $2.48T

Top 200 crypto prices (sorted by market cap):

RankNamePrice (USD)Market CapExchange (*)
99ron logo Ronin$ 2.82$ 916,923,128Exchange
100neo logo NEO$ 13.05$ 911,139,101Exchange
101wld logo Worldcoin$ 3.83$ 906,127,893Exchange
102egld logo MultiversX$ 33.97$ 901,554,584Exchange
103sand logo The Sandbox$ 0.40$ 889,522,526Exchange
104gno logo Gnosis$ 336.40$ 869,759,194Exchange
104rbn logo Ribbon Finance$ 0.99$ 975,110,083Exchange
105agix logo SingularityNET$ 0.66$ 849,953,966Exchange
106rose logo Oasis Network$ 0.12$ 810,923,819Exchange
107xtz logo Tezos$ 0.83$ 801,974,133Exchange
108msol logo Marinade Staked SOL$ 180.06$ 799,525,548Exchange
109nexo logo NEXO$ 1.39$ 781,201,189Exchange
110xec logo eCash$ 0.00$ 773,442,258Exchange
111mina logo Mina Protocol$ 0.69$ 769,656,184Exchange
112pendle logo Pendle$ 4.90$ 761,924,015Exchange
113eeth logo Staked ETH$ 3,506.64$ 757,170,855Exchange
114snx logo Synthetix Network$ 2.26$ 733,716,819Exchange
115mana logo Decentraland$ 0.40$ 732,363,921Exchange
116usdd logo USDD$ 1.00$ 732,260,349Exchange
117om logo MANTRA$ 0.86$ 726,191,365Exchange
118cfx logo Conflux$ 0.19$ 718,602,195Exchange
119safe logo Safe$ 1.65$ 705,235,420Exchange
120ftn logo Fasttoken$ 2.21$ 699,721,840Exchange
121dexe logo DeXe$ 12.48$ 696,995,492Exchange
122stsol logo Lido Staked SOL$ 178.43$ 689,561,875Exchange
123hbtc logo Huobi BTC$ 79,760.00$ 715,426,651Exchange
123frxeth logo Frax Ether$ 3,504.75$ 688,790,453Exchange
124klay logo Klaytn$ 0.18$ 681,673,908Exchange
125ape logo ApeCoin$ 1.09$ 677,820,864Exchange
126aioz logo AIOZ Network$ 0.62$ 675,071,251Exchange
127bome logo BOOK OF MEME$ 0.01$ 674,922,244Exchange
128cake logo PancakeSwap$ 2.51$ 658,689,435Exchange
129lpt logo Livepeer$ 20.69$ 657,366,482Exchange
130frax logo Frax$ 1.00$ 647,854,885Exchange
131iota logo IOTA$ 0.20$ 641,587,661Exchange
132kava logo Kava$ 0.58$ 638,693,972Exchange
133ckb logo Nervos Network$ 0.01$ 630,740,920Exchange
134dog logo DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON (Runes)$ 0.01$ 624,569,148Exchange
135cbeth logo Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH$ 3,772.48$ 617,813,605Exchange
136sweth logo Swell Ethereum$ 3,714.85$ 615,386,772Exchange
137ens logo Ethereum Name Service$ 19.64$ 610,809,975Exchange
138lunc logo Terra Luna Classic$ 0.00$ 583,429,539Exchange
139trump logo MAGA$ 12.90$ 581,317,765Exchange
140people logo ConstitutionDAO$ 0.11$ 575,378,074Exchange
141aevo logo Aevo$ 0.68$ 574,001,278Exchange
142xaut logo Tether Gold$ 2,317.75$ 570,770,009Exchange
143hnt logo Helium$ 3.48$ 560,892,018Exchange
144blur logo Blur$ 0.34$ 558,026,775Exchange
145tfuel logo Theta Fuel$ 0.08$ 548,107,578Exchange
146sfrxeth logo Staked Frax Ether$ 3,821.58$ 546,643,043Exchange
147polyx logo Polymesh$ 0.50$ 529,447,625Exchange
148xdc logo XDC Network$ 0.04$ 526,428,156Exchange
149prime logo Echelon Prime$ 13.02$ 523,955,279Exchange
150btg logo Bitcoin Gold$ 29.79$ 523,557,791Exchange
151ilv logo Illuvium$ 80.68$ 523,267,914Exchange
152axl logo Axelar$ 0.74$ 512,403,277Exchange
153tusd logo TrueUSD$ 1.00$ 495,273,779Exchange
154woo logo WOO$ 0.26$ 494,801,746Exchange
155sats logo SATS (Ordinals)$ 0.00$ 492,247,983Exchange
1561inch logo 1inch$ 0.41$ 485,824,117Exchange
157astr logo Astar$ 0.08$ 477,645,449Exchange
158corgiai logo CorgiAI$ 0.00$ 474,702,862Exchange
159arkm logo Arkham$ 2.05$ 471,438,788Exchange
160iotx logo IoTeX$ 0.05$ 470,901,412Exchange
161twt logo Trust Wallet$ 1.13$ 464,598,547Exchange
162manta logo Manta Network$ 1.43$ 461,556,181Exchange
163ethx logo Stader ETHx$ 3,624.76$ 452,042,153Exchange
164ethdydx logo dYdX$ 1.68$ 446,793,685Exchange
165meme logo Memecoin$ 0.02$ 442,271,918Exchange
166ocean logo Ocean Protocol$ 0.68$ 440,031,644Exchange
167pepecoin logo PepeCoin$ 3.75$ 435,565,458Exchange
168crv logo Curve DAO$ 0.36$ 434,893,719Exchange
169bico logo Biconomy$ 0.54$ 431,855,045Exchange
170nft logo APENFT$ 0.00$ 431,524,761Exchange
171paxg logo PAX Gold$ 2,316.45$ 429,920,073Exchange
172ethfi logo$ 3.79$ 425,372,064Exchange
173aero logo Aerodrome Finance$ 0.87$ 422,526,186Exchange
174ceth logo cETH$ 70.66$ 421,990,546Exchange
175glm logo Golem$ 0.43$ 419,912,248Exchange
176osmo logo Osmosis$ 0.63$ 418,439,355Exchange
177ksm logo Kusama$ 28.10$ 414,675,268Exchange
178usdb logo USDB$ 1.00$ 404,344,867Exchange
179alt logo AltLayer$ 0.27$ 404,153,328Exchange
180pyusd logo PayPal USD$ 1.00$ 398,760,744Exchange
181gmt logo GMT$ 0.19$ 397,891,503Exchange
182io logo$ 4.15$ 396,289,142Exchange
183mew logo cat in a dogs world$ 0.00$ 394,601,707Exchange
184wemix logo WEMIX$ 1.08$ 390,619,389Exchange
185xrd logo Radix$ 0.04$ 387,904,372Exchange
186ray logo Raydium$ 1.49$ 386,665,846Exchange
187dym logo Dymension$ 2.21$ 386,510,287Exchange
188rpl logo Rocket Pool$ 18.84$ 384,438,376Exchange
189mog logo Mog Coin$ 0.00$ 383,621,431Exchange
190super logo SuperVerse$ 0.84$ 381,072,822Exchange
191beer logo Beercoin$ 0.00$ 378,700,873Exchange
192mx logo MX$ 3.86$ 377,400,451Exchange
193cel logo Celsius Network$ 0.91$ 379,946,481Exchange
193hot logo Holo$ 0.00$ 376,467,399Exchange
194luna logo Terra$ 0.55$ 373,786,845Exchange
195zil logo Zilliqa$ 0.02$ 372,653,553Exchange
196celo logo Celo$ 0.70$ 371,481,097Exchange

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