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Blur Price Converter & Chart ($BLUR)

The current price for Blur with the symbol $BLUR is $0.3400. The price of Blur is down -4.77% in the last 24 hours. In the last 24h $37.28M worth of Blur was traded.

Blur Price chart

Follow the price of Blur live with our price chart.
Chart shows the price for the last 7 days.The price chart shows the development of the price of 1 blur over time. Please note that past performance is not an indicator of future prices. It is not possible to make an accurate prediction about where the price will go. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Crypto markets are volatile and prices can change at any time.

Blur Factsheet

The Factsheet provides essential information about Blur ($BLUR).

LogoBlur logo
Market Cap$558.03M
Market Cap Rank144
Circulating supply1.67B
Total supply3.00B
All Time High (ATH)$5.02
All Time Low (ATL)$0.1531
24h High$0.3535
24h Low$0.3311
24h Price Change-4.77%
Last updated*2024-06-11T23:57:26.048Z
*(when the price was updated the last time)

Blur price in fiat currencies

See the current Blur price in various currencies like USD, EUR, INR, CAD, AUD, GBP, CHF, SGD, JPY, KRW and more. The amount shown in any local fiat currency is equal to 1 Blur.

Fiat currency1 Blur
USD logo USD0.3400
EUR logo EUR0.3162
INR logo INR28.35
CAD logo CAD0.4590
AUD logo AUD0.5202
GBP logo GBP0.2686
CHF logo CHF0.3060
SGD logo SGD0.4590
JPY logo JPY51.45
KRW logo KRW457.70

Show more currenciesUSD logo BLUR/USD: 0.3400 US Dollars equals 1 Blur
EUR logo BLUR/EUR: 0.3162 European Euros equals 1 Blur
JPY logo BLUR/JPY: 51.45 Japanese yen equals 1 Blur
GBP logo BLUR/GBP: 0.2686 British Pound sterling equals 1 Blur
CNY logo BLUR/CNY: 2.45 Chinese yuan equals 1 Blur
AUD logo BLUR/AUD: 0.5202 Australian dollars equals 1 Blur
CAD logo BLUR/CAD: 0.4590 Canadian dollars equals 1 Blur
CHF logo BLUR/CHF: 0.3060 Swiss francs equals 1 Blur
HKD logo BLUR/HKD: 2.66 Hong Kong dollar equals 1 Blur
SGD logo BLUR/SGD: 0.4590 Singapore dollars equals 1 Blur
SEK logo BLUR/SEK: 3.62 Swedish krona equals 1 Blur
KRW logo BLUR/KRW: 457.70 South Korean won equals 1 Blur
NOK logo BLUR/NOK: 3.67 Norwegian krona equals 1 Blur
NZD logo BLUR/NZD: 0.5711 New Zealand dollar equals 1 Blur
INR logo BLUR/INR: 28.35 Indian rupee equals 1 Blur
MXN logo BLUR/MXN: 5.63 Mexican peso equals 1 Blur
TWD logo BLUR/TWD: 10.86 New Taiwan dollar equals 1 Blur
ZAR logo BLUR/ZAR: 6.33 South African rand equals 1 Blur
BRL logo BLUR/BRL: 1.71 Brazilian real equals 1 Blur
DKK logo BLUR/DKK: 2.35 Danish krone equals 1 Blur
PLN logo BLUR/PLN: 1.35 Polish zloty equals 1 Blur
CZK logo BLUR/CZK: 7.95 Czech koruna equals 1 Blur
AED logo BLUR/AED: 1.25 UAE dirham equals 1 Blur
ILS logo BLUR/ILS: 1.25 Israeli new shekel equals 1 Blur
IDR logo BLUR/IDR: 5,399 Indonesian rupiah equals 1 Blur
THB logo BLUR/THB: 12.40 Thai baht equals 1 Blur
TRY logo BLUR/TRY: 11.00 Turkish lira equals 1 Blur
HUF logo BLUR/HUF: 124.06 Hungarian forint equals 1 Blur
CLP logo BLUR/CLP: 332.89 Chilean peso equals 1 Blur
rub logo BLUR/RUB: 31.48 Russian ruble equals 1 Blur
PHP logo BLUR/PHP: 19.77 Philippine peso equals 1 Blur
MYR logo BLUR/MYR: 1.60 Malaysian ringgit equals 1 Blur
COP logo BLUR/COP: 1,311 Colombian peso equals 1 Blur
SAR logo BLUR/SAR: 1.27 Saudi riyal equals 1 Blur
RON logo BLUR/RON: 1.57 Romanian leu equals 1 Blur
PEN logo BLUR/PEN: 1.26 Peruvian sol equals 1 Blur
QAR logo BLUR/QAR: 1.24 Qatari riyal equals 1 Blur
PAB logo BLUR/PAB: 0.3400 Panamanian balboa equals 1 Blur
OMR logo BLUR/OMR: 0.1292 Omani rial equals 1 Blur
ZMW logo BLUR/ZMW: 8.50 Zambian kwacha equals 1 Blur
NPR logo BLUR/NPR: 45.28 Nepalese rupee equals 1 Blur
UGX logo BLUR/UGX: 1,320 Ugandan shilling equals 1 Blur
LAK logo BLUR/LAK: 7,168 Laotian kip equals 1 Blur
PKR logo BLUR/PKR: 94.37 Pakistani ruppee equals 1 Blur
UAH logo BLUR/UAH: 2.97 Ukrainian hryvnia equals 1 Blur
TZS logo BLUR/TZS: 875.96 Tanzanian shilling equals 1 Blur
XOF logo BLUR/XOF: 206.46 West African CAF franc equals 1 Blur
VND logo BLUR/VND: 8,435 Vietnamese dongs equals 1 Blur
TMT logo BLUR/TMT: 1.19 Turkmenistani manat equals 1 Blur
UYU logo BLUR/UYU: 12.75 Uruguayan peso equals 1 Blur
SVC logo BLUR/SVC: 2.97 Salvadoran colón equals 1 Blur
HNL logo BLUR/HNL: 8.38 Honduran lempira equals 1 Blur
ARS logo BLUR/ARS: 291.15 Argentine peso equals 1 Blur
BDT logo BLUR/BDT: 37.26 Bangladeshi taka equals 1 Blur
BGN logo BLUR/BGN: 0.6153 Bulgarian lev equals 1 Blur
BHD logo BLUR/BHD: 0.1292 Bahraini dinar equals 1 Blur
BND logo BLUR/BND: 0.4590 Brunei dollar equals 1 Blur
BWP logo BLUR/BWP: 4.67 Botswana pula equals 1 Blur
CRC logo BLUR/CRC: 170.78 Costa Rican colón equals 1 Blur
DOP logo BLUR/DOP: 20.11 Domican peso equals 1 Blur
EGP logo BLUR/EGP: 16.11 Egyptian pound equals 1 Blur
FJD logo BLUR/FJD: 0.7683 Fijan dollar equals 1 Blur
GEL logo BLUR/GEL: 0.9196 Georgian lari equals 1 Blur
GHS logo BLUR/GHS: 4.50 Ghanaian cedi equals 1 Blur
GTQ logo BLUR/GTQ: 2.65 Guatemalan quetzal equals 1 Blur
NIO logo BLUR/NIO: 12.49 Nicaraguan córdoba equals 1 Blur
HRK logo BLUR/HRK: 2.39 Croatina kuna equals 1 Blur
IMP logo BLUR/IMP: 0.4284 Isle of Man pounds equals 1 Blur
ISK logo BLUR/ISK: 47.32 Icelandic króna equals 1 Blur
JMD logo BLUR/JMD: 52.26 Jamaican dollar equals 1 Blur
KES logo BLUR/KES: 44.98 Kenyan shilling equals 1 Blur
KWD logo BLUR/KWD: 0.1054 Kuwaiti dinar equals 1 Blur
LKR logo BLUR/LKR: 102.01 Sri Lankan rupee equals 1 Blur
LSL logo BLUR/LSL: 6.42 Lesotho loti equals 1 Blur
MAD logo BLUR/MAD: 3.43 Moroccan dirham equals 1 Blur
MUR logo BLUR/MUR: 15.76 Mauritian rupee equals 1 Blur
MZN logo BLUR/MZN: 21.59 Mozambican metical equals 1 Blur
NAD logo BLUR/NAD: 6.42 Namibian dollar equals 1 Blur
NGN logo BLUR/NGN: 483.10 Nigerian naira equals 1 Blur

Please note that these are theoretical values. Real world prices depend on supply and demand in each country. In some countries, Blur may be more expensive than expected based on exchange rates. Soon we add more currencies, data points and charts, come back later :)

Blur price in other crypto currencies

btc logo BLUR/BTC: 0.000005 BTC equals 1 Blur
eth logo BLUR/ETH: 0.000097 ETH equals 1 Blur
usdt logo BLUR/USDT: 0.3401 USDT equals 1 Blur
bnb logo BLUR/BNB: 0.0006 BNB equals 1 Blur
sol logo BLUR/SOL: 0.0023 SOL equals 1 Blur
xrp logo BLUR/XRP: 0.7065 XRP equals 1 Blur
steth logo BLUR/STETH: 0.000097 STETH equals 1 Blur
usdc logo BLUR/USDC: 0.3400 USDC equals 1 Blur
doge logo BLUR/DOGE: 2.44 Doge equals 1 Blur
ada logo BLUR/ADA: 0.7999 ADA equals 1 Blur
more crypto to crypto conversion rates and a converter tool will be published soon.

Blur market cap

What is the market capitalization of Blur?
The marketcap for blur Tokens is currently $558.03M. Market capitalization is the total value of all coins. In terms of current market capitalization Blur's rank is #144 among all crypto coins.

Blur market domainance

Blur market cap is 0.02% of the total crypto market cap, which currently stands at 2.77T.BLUR's market dominance is therefore 0.02%.

Blur all-time high

What was the all-time high? The all-time high for Blur was $5.02 on 2023-02-14. The current price is 93.2% below the all-time high.

Blur all-time-low

What was the all-time low? The all-time low for Blur was $0.1531 on 2023-10-12. The current price is 222% above the all-time low.

Blur 24h high

Blur's 24-hour high was $0.3535. The current price is 1.04% below the 24-hour high.

Blur 24h low

Blur's 24-hour low was $0.3311. The current price is 0.97% above the 24-hour low.

Blur price alert

To set up a price alert for Blur, please connect to the app. After you set a price alert, we will notify you when the price you set is reached.

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Blur FAQ

How much is Blur worth today?

The current price of Blur (BLUR) today is $0.3400.

What was Blur's all-time high?

The all-time high of Blur (BLUR) was $5.02.

What was Blur's all-time low?

The all-time low of Blur (BLUR) was $0.1531.

How much are 100 Blurs worth?

100 Blur (BLUR) are worth $34.00.

How much are 1000 Blurs worth?

1000 Blur (BLUR) are worth $339.97.


We use the following abbreviations: T=trillions, B=billions, M=millions. All information on this page has been compiled with care. However, it is impossible to guarantee accuracy. Please use this information with caution and for entertainment purposes only. Not as a basis for financial decisions. Crypto markets are volatile and your capital is at risk. Please note that we are not responsible for any losses of any kind.

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